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Onyinyechi Nmecha – My Story Episode 7

In this particular episode, I will try to tell a lot of different stories in no different order.

What seems like a journey with an unclear vision of how it will end began. My time was now shared between my academics and finding a lasting solution to a societal problem.

Though with each passing day, the vision and solution kept becoming clearer but then the biggest issue with us, the South-Easterners is that nobody wanna work with you if you don’t have your resources on ground. People don’t want to follow you through the journey. We are built on the principle of “Already made” and it is very evident on our day to day activities.

I am aware anyways that  “The dream is free. but the hustle is sold separately.” but “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.” I kept consoling myself with a particular quote i pasted inside my room and each time I read from it, i become more fortified and energized to do more. “Hustle until you no longer need to introduce yourself”.

I started reaching out to every tech person i can connect with. The like of Tochukwu Michael Ositadimma, The likes of Frank Umeadi, The likes of Chidiebere Ugwuegbulam, The Likes of Pascal Okeke, Uncle Jide Awe, Boss Andrew Abu, The Likes of Okafor Victor Obinna et al have a special place in my heart. I will forever be grateful to you guys.  These guys deserved to be beatified abi canonized as saints. There role in my life was evident and their contribution during the early days of my journey was immeasurable.

Four days after launching Extraclass, We won the Nacoss-Voguepay Software/Innovation Challenge during the Annual National Convention of the Nigeria Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS National) held at University of Uyo. I felt on top of the World. I couldn’t hold my breath, I began to see the results of my sleepless nights.

For the first time, i read about myself in a National daily. Chai, people now call me with my brand name, I felt i have done something extra-ordinary. The feedback I got and the recommendations proved that my solution is a painkiller. I Sent out mails to few contacts i gathered and requested them to help me spot out better ways we can do this. And they did.

I also engaged in few other contests same year, some turned out successful and some, unsuccessful. I understand vividly that Life itself is like a Piano, the white keys represent happiness and the black keys, sadness, but when both are combined/played, the produce music which is life.

My platform was built with zero revenue model for the Owners as its existence and sustainability was centered on my personal pocket/funding. Few friends joined my team and some dropped along the line. I understood their thoughts but I cannot help it. My feeding allowance and stipends i get from few friends were spent trying to push my brand up. who knows some day, it will pay.

Startups and Ideas are overrated. Ideas are evenly distributed but opportunities are not.  The stress of running my brand from my hostel bed became evident as some users place their bookings either at night, during lectures time, early in the morning, when am in church et al and you need to make sure they are matched with the right tutor within the shortest possible time. This wasn’t even the issue. the analytical module on the platform showed thousands who left the platform simply because they couldn’t carry out the Prep-Test.

I was worried. I needed to acquire these skills within the shortest time ever and build whatsoever that needed to be built.

Other young girls who read my stories wanted to be like me, but then, When they confront me and i told them about the sacrifices and my little effort, a good number of them felt discouraged, but in all, i always encourage them to be steadfast and persevere.

I saw people make money on the platform and all i could get was stress. I was happy and I felt fulfilled. Though with lots of unprocessed request, I realized in the Tech-space, its either you innovate or you Die. I realized i needed to posses not just Leadership or managerial skills but also the needed skill-set to keep building the platform.

I may not have ended this episode very well but then, the next episode will give a clear picture of my recent activities.

My name is #Onyinyechi, It is my #birthmonth and I decided to share #MyStory, who knows maybe, someone might be inspired, learn few things and be encouraged.

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