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Onyinyechi Nmecha – My Story Episode 6

You see, Part of our Nigerianness is to think and Imagine anything, anywhere and anytime. In the journey of Life, you meet several people for several reasons and trust me, your ability to identify everyone’s purpose in your life makes you a super human.

In my last episode, I introduced a character and kept everyone wanting to know who he really is but then, I think this platform isn’t appropriate to talk about who he is as well as his involvement in other peoples activities and achievement. You can figure it out yourself… hehehehehe

St Anthony’s Parish Ifite became my second home, I spoke to a whole lot of friends about my problems and no idea seems coming. I prayed about it and nothing seems happening. Then, I decided to dump the dream of helping to solve a societal problem and focus on my academics which is the very first reason why i came to Awka.

Then one afternoon, one afternoon, I decided to go eat “Beans and Plantain” at the popular food joint behind arts faculty, Unizik. After about two spoons, I overheard a girl talking to someone over the phone about going for #Extraclasses and boom, a name rang like a 6:00am Mass bell from my village church. I immediately brought out my pen and diary and wrote down #Extraclass.

I am a computer science major and part of what we are being taught was to see ways we can solve problems using technological solutions or computer so to say. I thought about #Extraclass and thought about Technology(ies), then I asked #MamaOgoo to package my beans and plantain. and fiam, i went back to hostel.

Something that seems like a complete joy wrapped my thoughts. I called my programming club mentor and he agreed to see me the next day at his office and trust me, that singular moment, I felt I have achieved all that i have lost the previous times.

Pascal Okeke, is a young man whose busy-ness is second to none. A focused and result oriented young man, His motivation and dedication to what he does inspires me to wanting to be like him when i grow up. Infact, his passion to see young people climb the ladder of success in Entrepreneurship and Technological Skill acquisition pushes me to do more.

I met him, with an unclear vision of what i wanted to build, he helped me pen down a whole lot of things and asked me to go work on them and come back on a later date. That again became my second worst nightmare. I have not really gone deep into research and the use of internet. I have no Internet enabled phone or even a dial-up modem, I only had a 19th century laptop. hahahahahaha

I thought he would just help me and build this thing or maybe give me all i had wanted or even helped me expand the dreams and my proposed solution but the young man simply told me he so much believed in the principle of DIY – Do It Yourself. Though i was a bit scared of meeting his standard as what was about to research on is like an Academic Term paper but I became fully aware of the fact that “In life, Nobody gives you free oil unless you prove your worth”.

I no longer talk about my academics or my class works, I barely attend classes just because I needed to meet up with my new task as well as give in my time to see i achieved this dream of helping my generation solve a problem.

Met him on the second agreed date after not meeting him the first agreed date, he welcomed me with a smile but when i presented my findings and results to him, I saw the smile being whisked away by disappointments, poor findings, Unclear vision, unseriousness and what have you! He stood up, thanked me and showed me the exit. I was mad! He told me: “Onyinye, In the street, Creativity, Smartness, Intelligence are nothing independently. Your ability to put them in the right proportion, at the right place and time makes you who you would want to become. Please do not return to this office if you can’t fix yourself up”.

I left with Tears, Disappointment, devastated, Depressed. I felt everything is turning against me. I felt maybe, i am forcing myself on my generation. I felt I wasn’t created for this! I felt my parents didn’t brought me up very well. The thought of joining the sisterhood once again stood before me. At least, i won’t be so worried about a lot of things. I kept reducing in size and weight. Crying became my new hobby! My friend stopped me from coming to her house simply because i turned the place to a “Crying zone”.

Then i decided to revisit my beans and plantain joint, who knows, maybe a fresh idea/solution may pop up!

Did it?

Find out in the next Episode.

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