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Onyinyechi Nmecha – My Story Episode 5

When I thought I have arrived academically, Little did I know that what is in-stock for me is far-way beyond what I have ever imagined.

I met a lot of friends during our first year and a good number of my course-mates depended on me after class work and during exams. Of course, It is a norm in the university for students to check out the results of other students and filter their friends list.

 I felt the burden to teach and help them learn better. I was doing it. I met some first year students who told me their challenges and prayed that i come to their rescue.

Within me, I thought i have built a stable reading culture as well as posses a corresponding academic score base. I felt I was On top of my game. I felt, I needed just little time on my end and everything will be alright. I spent 98% of my time(aside class hours) teaching and building others students.

I gave my self and academics so little time. How naive I was. It was always a joyful moment seeing others smile home fulfilled and comfortable with a particular topic. I was moving from class to class, hostel to hostel, people to people tutoring. My Saturdays and Sundays were spent in classrooms teaching people.

Then the worst happened. The same #Onyinyechi that felt she has acquired all the needed knowledge as well as have mastered every topic FAILED WOEFULLY after the semesters exams. I was Mad, I was Bittered, I thought there could be a mistake somewhere but then, the reality of not building yourself when you are building others became evident.

I consoled myself, dusted myself up and vowed never to show the result to either my parents or my uncle. (They are also reading this but then, l don’t know…) I spent sleepless night thinking if helping others is a Taboo. The future kept becoming clearer to me. The dreams of bagging first class honors as well as being the very first/youngest professor in my clan disappeared before me.

I prayed, I met the parish priest and he counseled me. He told me never to stop but rather build alternative solutions to meet both ends. He encouraged me and bought me cold water. He promised me that it will be fine and I became reassured once again and promised to think out of the Box.

Before then, a friend of mine had already introduced me to the foremost Unizik software developers club (Tent Unizik) sponsored by Paradigm Initiative. There I started their peer-to-peer learning and part of my time were also being channeled to tasks.

The thought of everything and how each and everyone of them contributed to my poor academic performance kept ringing a bell in my ears.

Guys were trying to get connected, People under my tutorage thought I have dumped them and were coming. The church fellowship were coming to visit. My books need attention, The programming club team-mates thought i am not worth being in their team, Money was far fetched. I was totally  broke, Confused, Scared and Depressed.

I prayed that everything will Crash but then, I met him!


See you in Episode 6

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