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Onyinyechi Nmecha – My Story Episode 4

My mum heard about it and scolded me through my friends phone, she then reassured me that even if I fail, that i still remain part and a senior member of my family. She told me how everybody Loved me and that alone #Assured and fortified my zeal to start anew. I went home and refreshed, this time around, with a new Strength and Energy. you know nah

My roommate told me how it is important that i embraced life in a positive direction and Inquired to know exactly what caused my refusal to come home and when I told her its simply because I couldn’t attempt all the questions within the given time, not simply because I don’t know them but because the time allocated to the exam was short. She once again advised me how to become faster next time as well as told me how awesome i have touched her life within our short period at PSP Mbaukwu and how she loved me. I really felt #Reassured. You see, Life itself is a combination of beautiful people and well-meaning thoughts for me at that moment and i didn’t expect less.

I gave up the idea of hating myself and feeling bad and embraced the new love showered to me by my #Roomy and my Mum, that night was full of impactful reading. We left few days after our PSP exams and waited for our results.

Life at home wasn’t what it used to be, It was a season when despite my mum’s assurances, one has to be very careful, tactical and calculative. Waking up one morning to my sisters call, the entire house which was somehow cloudy became lightened by the good news. ONYINYECHI, YOU MADE IT. Chidimma, Isi gni? I have been offered Admission to study Computer Science?  All my prayers, thoughts, goals, missions were to me like all has come to reality. My Teeth became larger and my mouth widened. The pores of my skin opened and I felt some sort of inner happiness. I felt like flying but then, I needed wings to fly.

I called my uncle and broke the news to him, He has always believed in me and this time around instead of just celebrating with me, He simply prayed for the desires of my heart and blessed me.

It wasn’t a smooth journey as i spent sleepless night imagining how i will carry my books and be attending classes, how i will decorate my room, how and where i will be addressed whenever i came home, the total number of years left to actualize my dream of becoming the first female professor not just in my clan but my entire town. Each time these thoughts came to me, i smiled and smiled. An onlooker may thing that some how, i am becoming mentally in-balanced but like #YulEdochie in one of the latest Nigerian movie, #TheBillonaiares, Ndia amaro ka m si akwado.

Arriving Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka to hustle for bed-space at the female hostel was my first task and trust me, once again I FAILED, I quickly got a place at #TempSite and started attending lectures. Wishes and Reality was evident as i had wanted to join my sis and now that I have finally been admitted, I can’t even be close to her as accommodation and classwork kept us really apart.

The struggle for survival began and piam…we wrote our year one second semester exams. My face was all glittering with smile as the results were coming out. I didn’t just fulfill a promise i made to myself but I added some more #Accollades.

I felt I have arrived forgetting the fact that the challenges of the next year will hit me like an #EarthQuake. Yes it did hit me.

I failed from the top of the class to the bottom. I saw my dreams being wiped away as though a worker at Beclean Laundry got a new contract to wipe a client dishes. I could hear whispers that my aspirations were leaving me. I saw my shadow walking away from me. I became a sculpted copy of myself. but then, a New window Opened.

What Happened?

Lets See in Episode 5

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