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Onyinyechi Nmecha – My Story Episode 3

What started like a Journey started giving me concern when I couldn’t like every other young, fresh newbie at Mgbakwu flex like every other student.

The slap of running a joint account with my Mum as well as not having a cell phone like any other #Ajebotaic student kept hitting my face every now and then. People talked about life on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and somehow 2go and all I could talk about was Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Academics, Academics, and Academics.

I lost friends and allies, I was treated like an outcast simply because, my supposed friends felt I wasn’t fit to be in their clique considering my opinions during discussions as well as my reactions during certain actions but then, Our environment is the same but our mission and purpose ain’t the same.

When i rejected the provisional admission to study Library and Information science at UNN, I knew the only option left for me was to either smash my PreScience exams or Smash it. I knew very well that I won’t be welcomed in my home if i dare come back without positive result. I knew it was my last slot to go to school else surrender myself to the cold hands of my parents choice of joining the Sisterhood.

I met parents coming to visit their kids, I stay with students sent by their parents to come seek and refreshed their brains as well as get ready for the Bigger thing: University. I also met some who were purposefully sent out of home by their parents simply because, the parents can’t bear the headache of allowing them stay at home. I really met, the Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

I saw life to the fullest, I saw potentials that are beginning to waste, i saw many futures being ridiculed, I saw opportunities being missed, I saw kids and our generation to come and imagined what will become of us if we keep to this path, and like the Biblical Christ, “I WEPT”. But as a young girl whose only purpose and mission was to smash my exams and join my Elder sister in the #Mahadum, I had no other option than to keep being myself hoping that one day, It will become better.

My elder sister kept giving me one code and each time i remember that code, the reality of life becomes evident. she will say, “Onyinye, This is Unizik, Its either you Read or Die”. I wrote my Chemistry Exams and refuse to go home. What happened? After the days’ exams, It became evident that there is no light at the end of the #tunnel. The Reality of going home dawned on me and the effect of what will become of me kept playing like the #ChineseKunfu on a large screen before me.

Did i go home? See Next Episode!

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