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Onyinyechi Nmecha – My Story Episode 2

The story has been wanting to be long mana chukwu ama nkwe, i will make is as short as possible while still accommodating the little gist that would have been left out.

I left Holy Rosary Secondary School Umuahia and joined my uncle to learn a trade in Far away Kwara state not really because my parents cannot pay for my jamb form but simply because i vehemently refused to join the Sisterhood immediately. see me see wahalah ooooo.

I inherited being good with numbers from my dad but that “kain” inheritance sef was a product of a day i got 0/10 in my mathematics and was flogged till my buttocks became the pictorial representation of angle of Elevation and depression. I was given the mandate to solve all mathematical problems from Primary one up to my present class and trust me, this was done within 2days without enough food and water. My dad and discipline sef, sometimes i wonder why he no join Army… chai

I joined my Uncle and considering my passion to become the youngest and first female professor from my Clan (winks), I decided to give in my best so as to convince my Uncle to consider getting me a Jamb form. That I did and within few months of Joining and Managing the business, We got two more branches. Onyinyechi and Business.

I watch lots of Science fiction movies during our spare time at home and imagined how stuff work. I started building the love for Computers, Artificial intelligence, and Numbers and because I am already good with numbers and computations, i convinced my Uncle to get me a jamb form. That which he did.

I sat for the Exam oooo, My people, lo and behold, ONYINYECHI FAILED. That was when i knew my village people has entered the business. I was offered admission the second year to study one course like that at UNN after i have convinced my Uncle again to buy me both Jamb and “PS” form. I rejected the admission at UNN and decided to join my sister who already is an undergraduate at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. this time around, i decided to take parallel chances. see me, smart babe.

Life in PreScience was an updated version of what we witnessed during our secondary school days. But this time around, with lots of responsibilities, Tasks, Eyes as well as wishes. I knew i have my destinies right in the palms of my hands and its left for me to either let it live or kill it.

The journey started oooooo and piam, its exam time. Nawah ooooo, I sat for the PS final exam and kept praying for a positive final result. Did i make it? or did i lose it? Wait for the next episode.

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