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Onyinyechi Nmecha – My Story Episode 1

Growing up, everybody in my family including myself wanted me/myself to become a NUN. I attended the best Primary and secondary schools around town.

I passed through the best upbringing any parent will give to their child. I had less friends and visited less people. I read anything that comes across my way. My sisters became my gossip mates and my parents My Human #Encyclopedia.

I had the best of friends in school and try to become a champion so as to make my parents, siblings, my friends and my own very self proud. I compete mostly with guys (anywhere i meet them shaa) knowing fully well that the society placed more value and responsibility on them than the women-folk and each time i beat them hands down, i always request for additional portion of food from my Mum. hahahahaha

Everyone that knows our family was looking up to a day they will be called/invited for either my first or final profession in the sisterhood.

Joining the Sisterhood will be one of my biggest joy as a young girl but as we grow, the burden to solve a societal problem which has eaten deep into the bone marrow of my generation kept waking me up from my bed.

To my parents, siblings and friends, I may have disappointed them but you see, the path remains the same but the ability to change focus and direction at some point helps us achieve that which we have been destined to achieve.

One of the best gift, my parents gave us collectively, was the ability to make certain decisions. They are always there to help us fine-tune is and trust me, that is the best gift any parent can offer to their child.

Spending time in my father’s Library and solving Mathematical problems is the best Treat i got from Dad and Mum allowing me to read all her books was also the best gift I also got from Mum. these are their Individual gifts to us their offspring. Did I misuse mine?

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