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Onyinyechi Nmecha

2019 in Retrospect – the journey from Unizik Hostel to Orlando

Starting the year 2019 with lots of tasks, no foodstuffs etc kept me thinking what the entire year would look like. I was broke, had lots of goals, uncountable number of dreams without a clear vision of how the whole events will eventually unfold.

Coming back from SIWES, looking at my GP and thinking what Final Year will look like kept making worsening the case, yet, the daughter of Mr Nmecha had her head above sea level. Lols

I set out to visit my parents few days after New year celebrations, at least, that will count as one of my big achievements for the year. I missed them like Kilode. As is it was a planned deal not to make this plan come true, the moment I just arrived my house, I received a notification for the TEF application training happening on the 12th. It was like, Ogini Ka m ji isi wee kote?

I quickly told my parents, I will be returning to Awka in Few days time. The story is becoming long and I wouldn’t want to keep you reading, but in all, we kept adjusting, pushing forward and kept making amendments.

I met amazing people, took some of the best advices, achieved 97% of my set goals, had unmet needs, was broke uncountless number of times, but then, We won!

We moved from the popular Unizik female hosted to Orlando, United States nke Amerika. Wow!

I was nominated as well as won several awards, was rejected so many times, applied for so many contests, achieved great miles, missed some opportunities, developed and deployed new strategies, developed new ideas, and built new solutions. We won!

This is to thank you for your time, effort, corrections, feedback, suggestions, inputs, recommendations, contributions etc towards making me achieve my 2019, I am always your everyday girl.

Thank you so much! 2019 was great! Let’s do more in 2020


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